Who I am

Our Story

I have worked with my hands for over 40 years. While enjoying a full time career as a Hospital Engineer, an Operations Director and a Regional Manager, I still found the time to do a plethora of exciting things with my hands and my mind. I spent several years doing Ornamental Iron for both my own home and for others. I also spent years learning the bricklaying procedures which helped me to hone my construction skills and built many exciting projects. But my real love was always wood. And I kept returning to it in the shape of custom cabinetry, stain glass doors, restoration of antique furniture, and building custom pieces for home and others. About 15 or so years ago I entertained the desire to shape wood in other fashions and fell in love with segmented wood turning. It is truly the most exciting and personal satisfying activity I have ever enjoyed. Lest I forget, I did not jump out of bed one day and find myself a wood turning expert. There are many people who truly excel at this artistic endeavor and I must thank them for taking the time to publish books about their work and their desire to share their skills with other wood turners. Because, in those early days I didn’t even know what tool to use on a lathe or worse….. How to keep the whole assembly from flying off the lathe and shattering into 30 pieces! I do have to stress though, that even if one has educational materials from which to learn all the processes of assembling the pieces, this activity is truly something that demands tons and tons of practice and a heap of patience.

Perseverance is a necessity and I possessed a very strong desire to achieve some level of self-satisfaction in this struggle with these woods and their unique quarks and characteristics. Additional demands arise when trying to blend them into a respectable form or shape.

It is now my sincere hope that you too can enjoy the true beauty of these woods……in their grain, in their color and in their SHAPE!!